Enjoy the Coffee

Health Benefits

Research has proved that drinking coffee has many health benefits besides boosting the energy level. It contains a rich amount of nutrients, including magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B-2), niacin (vitamin B-3), potassium, and various antioxidants that benefit the human body in various ways. 


  • Coffee Roasting: We roast coffee beans using advanced machines that maintain appropriate temperature and quality. Once this process is over the coffee is quickly brought to room temperature in order to achieve excellent aroma.
  • Grinding: The roasted coffee is then grinded which alters its resistance to the flow of water. Espresso blends are grinder finely in order to slow the extraction process, whereas, the American coffee requires coarser grinding and mocha coffee requires medium ground blends.
  • Blending: This process enhances the quality of coffee, we, Katsu Coffee Private Limited, have hired professionals to carry out the same.
  • Storage & Packing: At last the processed coffee including Special Filter Coffee Powder, Strong Filter Coffee Powder, Arabica Coffee Beans, etc. is quality packaging material so that they can be protected from air, heat, light and humidity. Before the process of packing, coffee is stored by us in controlled atmosphere environments. The process of coffee packaging then takes place with advanced techniques and is back flushed with nitrogen to maintain freshness.

Quality Policy

It is not our working philosophy but also the quality policy as well which has allowed us to gain huge prominence in the market. We are being loved by customers for the excellence of our products. It is made sure that the machines in which the processing of our products is done are kept clean and dust-free. Further, the range is checked on the listed parameters before they are allowed to deliver:

  • Purity
  • Aroma
  • Shelf life
  • Finely crushed
Why Us?
  • We make timely delivery of customer's orders and make sure to pack them well in quality packaging in order to safeguard them from air and moisture.
  • We charge economical rates for our entire range and this has been made possible because of our cost-effective range of products.
  • Our offerings including Arabica Coffee Beans, Roasted Coffee Beans, Special Filter Coffee Powder, Strong Filter Coffee Powder, etc are high in taste and pleasing in the aroma.
  • We offer customized packaging options that can help us to meet the precise needs of the customers.

Our Vision And Mission

The vision of our company is to expand our business in every country in the world and become the prime choice of customers throughout the globe. We are burning the midnight oil and are leaving no stone unturned to attain the same. Apart from this, the mission of our company is to attain optimum client satisfaction in all the business deals on the basis of excellence.

50Kg is the Minimum Order Quantity
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